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For Organizations

Our Community Volunteer Coordinator connects with organizations to inquire about their ongoing volunteer needs, and reduce duplication of volunteer recruitment efforts by recruiting and placing volunteers with suitable organizations.

Organizations are encouraged to reach out to and  update the Community Volunteer Coordinator of their changing/ongoing volunteer needs. The Community Volunteer Coordinator refers individuals to specific organizations or volunteer roles.

The Hope and Area Volunteer Program (HAVP) improves health and well-being of Hope and Area by connecting volunteers with volunteer opportunities throughout the community, welcoming new residents, and fostering intergenerational  relationships.

Welcome Program

Are you new to Hope and Area within the last year? The Welcome Program helps reach new community members and connect them with local resources, attractions, and volunteer opportunities.


Contact the Community Volunteer Coordinator to receive your FREE Welcome Pack!  The Welcome Pack includes coupons, maps, gift certificates, and information about the community!

Service Providers

Interested in contributing to the Welcome Packs? Contact the Community Volunteer Coordinator today!  

Volunteer Pool

Sign up for the Volunteer Pool and receive weekly emails about current community-wide volunteer opportunities!  If interested in the opportunities, respond to the email.  If you are not interested, do nothing! To sign up, email the Community Volunteer Coordinator today!

Community Volunteer Handbook

The Community Volunteer Handbook is a compilation of information and practical resources to help organizations deepen community through their volunteer programs. It includes infographics, templates and resources organizations can begin using immediately to strengthen organizational process and systems, understand and engage volunteers, supervise and evaluate volunteer programs and recognize and retain quality volunteers.  Click here to download a PDF of Hope and Area Volunteer Programs Community Volunteer Handbook.


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