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Read Right Society

English as a Second Language and Settlement Assistance is a free program for newcomers to Canada and naturalized citizens. Through group sessions and one-to-one tutoring, volunteers help learners learn English, get to know the community and make friends.

ESL Conversation Circle

Join us for Conversations Circle to practice listening and speaking English.  Conversation Circle is open to anyone learning English. During this informal group, learners are guided by an English speaker to practice listening and speaking. Drop-in on Tuesdays at 10:00am.

One-on-one Tutoring

Learners are partnered with a tutor to address their personal English goals.  All lessons are learner centred, meaning they are customized to each learner’s English level and goals.  We assess each learner’s English level,  help them set learning goals, then work toward those goals with one-on-one lessons.

Community Connections

Community Connections helps newcomers learn about Hope and Area, and get connected to services and resources. For example, in small groups learners attend the library and learn to sign up for library cards.  Call or stop by for current activity dates and times.

Language Assessments/LINC Online Courses

Our facilitator will assess your language skills using Canadian Language Benchmarks so you can formally track your learning progress.  We can also refer you to a certified language assessor to qualify for formal academic classes or online courses.

Our clients come from over 15 different countries and speak over 10 different languages!

Most common  languages spoken are:

1. Spanish

2. Filipino

3. Korean

4. Punjab

5. French




S. Korea


Our clients are from all over the world!

Call, email, or stop by for more information! Unit D, 895 3rd Ave., Hope BC.