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Read Right Society

Read Right Society (RRS) dreams of a world where everyone has opportunity to better their lives by increasing their literacy and life skills.  Our Community Adult Literacy Program (CALP), includes one-to-one tutoring and small group classes including: Computer Basics for Employment, Computer & Technology Literacy, Financial Basics, and reading and writing to strengthen skills.

Computer Basics for Employment
Computer & Technology Literacy
One-to-One Tutoring

Other supports: Assistance with forms, resume writing, math tutoring, university prep and upgrading, referrals to community resources.

For more information or to make an appointment, call  or email our Literacy Facilitator 604-860-0510.

Did you know:

Adult wage rates are highly related to literacy skill. Adults with Level 5 skills earn 68% more than their Level 1 peers.

(Level 3 is considered  the minimum needed to successfully navigate daily life.)

Computer Basics for Employment

Computer Basics for Employment is a three-day workshop, teaching basic workplace computer skills, for those changing careers or re-entering the workforce.   Referrals from Work BC, Hope are required for this program.

Computer & Technology Literacy

Computer and Technology Literacy is a small group program, teaching adults to use computers and technology for personal use.

Topics are learning directed, meaning lesson topics are determined by what participants want to learn. Topics may include MS Word, Power Point, email, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Twitter, Craigslist., Tablets, and Smart phones.  

Sessions are drop-in on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-2:30o.  Limited laptops are available for learners, so please bring your own device if you have one!

One-to-One Tutoring

One-to-one tutoring with a staff member or volunteer is available to help adults reach their literacy and life goals.  Learners meet with a tutor to assess their current literacy level and set goals.  

Topics include learning to read or write, strengthen skills to return to school, strengthening skills for employment, numeracy , and math.  

Financial Literacy

Our Financial literacy course is an 8 week series on budgets, savings, investing, needs vs. wants, debt, and financial safety.  Course objectives are to teach basic financial literacy skills individuals use in day-to-day life, rather than complex topics such as stock market investing. This is a great course for young adults, and anyone wanting to get better control of their finances.