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Read Right Society

In 2019, RRS had “sidewalk” conversations with several local organizations and realized we all have clients who have been, are, or are being pressured into sexual or labour exploitation or trafficking.

We started to realize the magnitude of human exploitation and trafficking in and around our community, and the need to raise awareness of the problem.  As a literacy and life skills organization, many of our clients have multiple vulnerabilities and are at risk of  labour or sexual exploitation, also called human trafficking or modern slavery. Given the statistics, we consider street smart literacy as important as learning to read. So, we are starting a Street Smart Literacy Campaign to raise awareness, educate and provide information about where to get help.  Follow us on social media and help spread awareness.  #streetsmartliteracy #streetsmartlifeskills

Not in my Neighbourhood?

Sexual Trafficking

“Sex trafficking is happening in our communities, to our children and often right in front of us. Yet many times, the signs go unnoticed by those in the best position to help. Survivors told us they often didn’t understand what was happening to them or know where to turn for help. And the barriers to exiting sex trafficking once someone is entrenched are enormous” (Covenant House Toronto, 2021).  

Labour Trafficking

Labour traffickers – including recruiters, contractors, employers, and others – use violence, threats, lies, debt bondage, or other forms of coercion to force people to work against their will in many different industries.

Vulnerable populations, like foreign nationals, LGBTQ2S persons and homeless youth are more often targeted by traffickers. In Canada, precarious immigration status, recruitment debt, isolation, language barriers, and poverty can create vulnerabilities traffickers exploit.

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