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Read Right Society

Swetexel Daycare & Preschool is operated by Read Right Society as a social enterprise.

Following Reggio Emilia’s Philosophy, we encourage curiosity & creativity, allowing children’s interests to guide learning. Our curriculum includes:

Our centre includes special needs support, licensed Early Childcare staff, and  is inclusive, diverse, and non-religious.  With our partners we believe all children & families deserve quality childcare, with opportunities to learn & grow in an inclusive, respectful environment.

Swetexel Daycare is a new, inclusive daycare and preschool centre for children 12 months to school age.  Swetexel opened in 2019 as a two-fold reconciliation project in partnership with Read Right Society, Yale First Nation & Grace Baptist Church. Together we hold a vision of 1) a safe, diverse child care centre and, 2) community programs working toward reconciliation of faith and culture groups of all ages.

In October 2017, Grace Baptist Church, Yale First

Nation and Read Right Society had a public meeting to answer questions about the project.  After the meeting, we walked outside and saw this double swetexel (rainbow) beaming over the future land of the daycare.

“swetexel” means “rainbow”

Swetexel is a Halq’emeylem word meaning rainbow. We chose Swetexel as our daycare name to represent diversity of our partnership (Read Right Society, Grace Baptist Church, and Yale First Nation) and the community of Hope and surrounding area.  

Click here to learn how to pronounce Swetexel!

What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business with a mission to create positive social change in sustainable ways.  This means generating revenue to provide social programs, rather than relying solely on government funding, grants and donations.

For Read Right Society, this means our priority is reinvesting Swetexel profits into Read Right Society’s early years, literacy, and life skills programs, rather than to individuals or stakeholders. In this way, we can strengthen Hope and Area through  early years, literacy, and life skills programs.

“A social enterprise is a cause-driven business whose primary reason for being is to improve social objectives and serve the common good.”

“Sustainable revenue differentiates a social enterprise from a traditional charity that relies on outside funding in the form of donations or grants to achieve its social mission.”

Read more about social enterprises here.

In June 2019, we opened Swetexel Daycare & Preschool!

Circle time with our little ones!

Swetexel is Many Voices, One Mind member.  Visit there website to learn more.